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Sunday, July 20, 2008

What to Blog?

OK. I sat down here to blog this evening, and by golly I'm gonna do it. Am wracking my brain, however, trying to figure what is interesting enough in my life to blog about, let alone catch any elses' interest. Let's see. Taught HP group lesson today. Only one guy was visibly asleep. But then I'm not sure he was awake when he got to church. Susan has felt lousy for days to the point she didn't make it to church today. Has been a rough week for her. We appreciated Dad posting the pictures of Steven's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. He just squeaked in under the 18th birthday wire. But we're really proud of him. He's still pedaling guns, knives, fishing licenses and other sundry stuff at Wal-Mart. Just five short weeks until he heads off to UVU as a freshman. Stacey and David are off in Guatemala visiting the missionary and historic sites etc. of one of David's brothers who served a mission there. Susan went to soothe the nerves of Stacey's children and/or babysitter on Friday. Unfortunately, she seemed to pick up whatever germs were hanging in the air, which, we think, is what put her on her back this weekend. Lori and Chad signed on to buy a new townhome in the area of Bangerter and I-15. They'll close and move in during the next couple of weeks. They're excited about their new home and we look forward to having them just five minutes away. Visited with Ma and Pa yesterday and resolved most of the political issues of the day. Dad has had quite a week of it with his wisdom tooth. Enjoyed the reunion with y'all. Hope we didn't tick anyone off. Well, that's about it for now. Let's see who blogs next.


  1. My heck, I think you've got it! Even a U of Wyo lawyer can blog! Thank you, thank you. Now if two or three dozen other lazos will follow suit, we will have ourselves a family blog! which is what we want. No detail in anyone's life need go untold. No dirt need be swept under the rug. All sins can be confessed openly. V and I just don't want to know details of childhood felonies committed that we don't already know about.

  2. Good job, Russ. Everyone is starting to catch on to the idea. We need to get Kim on board so she can post and comment.