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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kim and the Orange Bowl

Who remembers the orange bowl?  And its matching partner, the lime-green shag-carpet colored bowl?  I just made popcorn yesterday and put it in the orange bowl.  It will never wear out.  It is made of industrial strength material.  Your mother and grandmother, Velna, is a scrooge when it comes to kitchen stuff.  She will throw everything else away and buy something new, but not kitchen stuff.  These bowls will be in our kitchen when we go to our reward, so to speak.  Along with the original grater, which has been defunct for years, and remains a daily utensil despite my pleas to buy a new, shiny, grater.  And the plastic mixing bowl with a spout.  This bowl has passed through the fiery furnace, having been scorched, beaten, and scarred but remains the favored bowl of choice because it is light and has a spout.  The approximate age of this mixing bowl, verified by carbon dating, is approximately 130 years.  Along with other kitchen tools which we have had since our matrimonial adventures began in 1952, leading to our extended downline.  Our kids stole blankets, (Jim, Russell), and my Peanuts sheets (Ron).  But no one ever walked out of here with the orange and green bowls, the grater, and the plastic mixing bowl.  Says something for respect for your mother's excellent choice of kitchen gadgets.  And isn't Kim cute wearing the orange bowl?


  1. So who will the bowls be left to???

  2. I remember both bowls and will fight Carolyn for them!!

  3. You all can have the bowls. We got the flowered blanket... :)