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Monday, July 14, 2008

Steven Blood Receives His Eagle Scout Award

Steven pins the Eagle mom's award on his mom, who really deserved the Eagle Scout Award
Russell reading Steven a list of his expanded duties and responsibilities now that he is an Eagle Scout and must always set a wonderful example and always remember to haul our softener salt down to the basement
Congratulations to Steven Blood, newly minted Eagle Scout, an award attained by only 5% of all Scouts (and 5% of their mothers).

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  1. It was a nice court of honor for Steven. Pa prayed and took lots of pictures. All of our kids and grandkids attended. It turned out that even though we had speakers from three different wards across the valley, they were all connected with and knew each other. How likely is that. Anyway, we're glad Steven reached this milestone. In a couple of weeks he'll receive his Duty to God award too.