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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lillie turned 8 and got baptized!

Lillie's 8th Birthday!

Andrew 9, Michael 6, Lillie 8, Odessa 1, Katherine 4

Lillie on her baptism day!

We had quite the eventful week this last week at our house! Miss Lillie turned 8 on Thursday, then on Friday she had a birthday party consisting of 9 giggling little girls. We painted nails, made body glitter, and had facials after which they played the Wii. It was a great day, though I was pooped! But our fun was not over yet! Saturday, Lillie was baptized. It was a wonderful day, fraught with a little too much excitement (holes burnt in carpet, lamp shattering to a million pieces), but nothing could dampen the Spirit that was felt! Lillie was beautiful and had such a wonderful smile as she came up out of the font. I've decided that these are the moments a parent lives for. I was so proud of her!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Waiting . . . .

We are all waiting patiently for an outpouring of comments, photos, more comments, written gems and news, from our multitudinous family of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and blog visitors.  So what's holding us up?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aaron's ROTC drill competition results

Here are the results of Aaron's state drill competition, sent by Kim, who still needs another
hands on lesson on posting!

Aaron had his state drill competition yesterday.  That sure is fun to watch.  Aaron has been the commander for the team all year and this is how they placed:
1st place: state, overall
1st place:  12 man exhibition (this is an awesome performance)
1st place: inspection
2nd place: regulation
Aaron: 2nd place for his 1-man performance
Aaron and 3 others: 1st place for 4-man performance
Aaron: best commander for armed teams
Aaron's team: 1st place color guard
Aaron: 4th place in drilldown (this is where all 200 cadets are out there following command after command to see who lasts until the very end; something they do at the end of every competition).  So they did pretty well overall.
Congratulations to Aaron from all of us!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Women's Basketball Coach

The Blood Boys Attend the Mountain West Tournament

Fun in St. George!!!

Photos of Mom and Dad together are few and far between...we had a great time going to the parade of homes, and as you can tell the weather was gorgeous. We dined on Marv's great hamburgers, Bajio's, and of course the aforementioned Papa Murphy's to name a few. It was nice to have a few relaxing days with Mom and Dad and Lani!!! I love that yearly tradition. Not to mention all the ground Lani and I covered there and back ( and I don't mean actual miles)...and yes we may have even discussed YOU!! Hahaha
Looking forward to next year...thanks Mom, Dad and Lani!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to Papa Murphy's

Though this may appear to be a seemingly innocent photo of Lani and Dad/Grandpa, keep in mind, looks can be deceiving!! Here's the story behind the photo: Mom/Grandma sends us to Papa Murphy's to acquire pizza for dinner. An easy task you're thinking...not so! It all started with the sign stating the "Special of the Day"...1/2 hawaiian, 1/2 pepperoni $8.99. Well Dad/Grandpa says "we would like the special with all pepperoni". and I know you can't do that, but Dad/Grandpa didn't understand...he explained his confusion to the 16-year old behind the counter. (She's just doing what she's told!) Lani whips out her credit card and says "I'm paying for the (full -priced) Hawaiian", after which we took a seat to wait for our pizza. Dad/Grandpa continued voicing his displeasure, so when our pizza was ready, Lani and I promised the girls working there, we wouldn't let him come back. After further discussion on the way home, Lani explained to Dad/Grandpa, that if you could change the "Special", it wouldn't be the "Special" anymore!!! His response??? Shut up!!! Can you imagine??? Who knew that a trip to Papa Murphy's would provide us such great entertainment and a great photo. Wish you all could have been there!!!