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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fun in St. George!!!

Photos of Mom and Dad together are few and far between...we had a great time going to the parade of homes, and as you can tell the weather was gorgeous. We dined on Marv's great hamburgers, Bajio's, and of course the aforementioned Papa Murphy's to name a few. It was nice to have a few relaxing days with Mom and Dad and Lani!!! I love that yearly tradition. Not to mention all the ground Lani and I covered there and back ( and I don't mean actual miles)...and yes we may have even discussed YOU!! Hahaha
Looking forward to next year...thanks Mom, Dad and Lani!!


  1. Thanks for your post of us and your nice comments about your time with us. We always have fun with you when you come for your St. George visit.

  2. We did cover a lot of ground, didn't we?!! I had a great time too. I see a new tradition coming for me. Yea!!