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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to Papa Murphy's

Though this may appear to be a seemingly innocent photo of Lani and Dad/Grandpa, keep in mind, looks can be deceiving!! Here's the story behind the photo: Mom/Grandma sends us to Papa Murphy's to acquire pizza for dinner. An easy task you're thinking...not so! It all started with the sign stating the "Special of the Day"...1/2 hawaiian, 1/2 pepperoni $8.99. Well Dad/Grandpa says "we would like the special with all pepperoni". and I know you can't do that, but Dad/Grandpa didn't understand...he explained his confusion to the 16-year old behind the counter. (She's just doing what she's told!) Lani whips out her credit card and says "I'm paying for the (full -priced) Hawaiian", after which we took a seat to wait for our pizza. Dad/Grandpa continued voicing his displeasure, so when our pizza was ready, Lani and I promised the girls working there, we wouldn't let him come back. After further discussion on the way home, Lani explained to Dad/Grandpa, that if you could change the "Special", it wouldn't be the "Special" anymore!!! His response??? Shut up!!! Can you imagine??? Who knew that a trip to Papa Murphy's would provide us such great entertainment and a great photo. Wish you all could have been there!!!


  1. Good job Carolyn! It's too bad I wasn't there to take part in the trip to Papa Murphy's. At least that is one outing you will remember.

  2. Sounds almost as entertaining as the trip to mud falls!

  3. No respect whatever. Just when I thought the D & V blog was deader than a doornail, this gem of character assassination pops up.

  4. I want to take a field trip around St. George with grandpa...going into all of the stores with sales and specials and asking if we can alter them to better fit our needs. Stop one will be the mall for some new boots.