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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aaron's ROTC drill competition results

Here are the results of Aaron's state drill competition, sent by Kim, who still needs another
hands on lesson on posting!

Aaron had his state drill competition yesterday.  That sure is fun to watch.  Aaron has been the commander for the team all year and this is how they placed:
1st place: state, overall
1st place:  12 man exhibition (this is an awesome performance)
1st place: inspection
2nd place: regulation
Aaron: 2nd place for his 1-man performance
Aaron and 3 others: 1st place for 4-man performance
Aaron: best commander for armed teams
Aaron's team: 1st place color guard
Aaron: 4th place in drilldown (this is where all 200 cadets are out there following command after command to see who lasts until the very end; something they do at the end of every competition).  So they did pretty well overall.
Congratulations to Aaron from all of us!


  1. Congrats Aaron! Now my question is who in the heck beat you in the one man competition and what can I do to eliminate him? Let me know.

  2. Wow Aaron! Way to show the rest of us up! Congrats!

  3. Way to go Aaron! I'm impressed!! Congratulations!

  4. Aaron, you are the man! Congratulations on being recognized for all of your hard work!