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Monday, March 30, 2009

Lillie turned 8 and got baptized!

Lillie's 8th Birthday!

Andrew 9, Michael 6, Lillie 8, Odessa 1, Katherine 4

Lillie on her baptism day!

We had quite the eventful week this last week at our house! Miss Lillie turned 8 on Thursday, then on Friday she had a birthday party consisting of 9 giggling little girls. We painted nails, made body glitter, and had facials after which they played the Wii. It was a great day, though I was pooped! But our fun was not over yet! Saturday, Lillie was baptized. It was a wonderful day, fraught with a little too much excitement (holes burnt in carpet, lamp shattering to a million pieces), but nothing could dampen the Spirit that was felt! Lillie was beautiful and had such a wonderful smile as she came up out of the font. I've decided that these are the moments a parent lives for. I was so proud of her!


  1. What beautiful kids! And a happy day to share...

  2. We were sorry that we couldn't be there for Lillie's birthday and baptism. You had a pretty exciting day. She does look beautiful - we are proud of her.