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Monday, July 28, 2008

Caleb's been busy...

Caleb will be entering the MTC on August 6, so he's busy making sure that he packs as much as possible into these last few days. We went to see a late-night showing of the Dark Knight on Wednesday. On Thursday we had tickets to see the Drowsy Chaperone in San Franciso. On Friday evening Caleb played his last concert (for a couple of years...) in front of a crowd of about 70 people. It was great--he played some of his early songs, as well as many of the new ones he's written this past year, and there were two new songs that none of us had heard yet. He's made all his songs downloadable (check out his website at Saturday he went to the John Mayer concert with some friends. Caleb said it was an awesome concert, but I simply can't imagine that it was better than Caleb's. Today he spoke at church for his non-farewell and also sang an arrangement he did of "Be Still My Soul." He needs to finish a paper in order to get credit for his Young Ambassadors trip to Australia, and visit the DMV to finish some paperwork to renew his license. And pack. And have an Open House next weekend. Then I guess he will have done it all.
Kate left this afternoon to go to EFY at the UofU. We're sure she'll come back a spear-chule giant. She flew Delta and was bumped up to first class because of her unaccompanied minor status. But she flew on one of those itty-bitty planes with four seats across, so I think that first class means that you sit at the front of the plane. period.
We have the itinerary for Jacob's flight home. He'll be flying through Salt Lake and coming into San Jose on Friday, August 22. (Yippeeeee!)
Jim spent the weekend painting the house, and he's tired. Nat is looking forward to a week of (almost) total t.v. viewing control. We'll try to channel that energy into completing a scouting merit badge or two....

I'll try to post a picture or two from Caleb's concert. We'll see if I can master the technology...


  1. We're listening, and feel like we were there!!! Hava a great week!

  2. Sounds like Caleb is wearing himself out with all his pre-mission activities. I like the picture and look forward to hearing his songs. Right now it says I have a pop-up blocker and I can't open it. Will try again. We'll see him soon.