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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog Reading

I was wondering if anyone is looking at the pictures that have been posted recently. We've had no comments on the pictures from the previous reunions, the pictures from the reunion we just had, or on the pictures of Steven's Eagle ceremony. Are these worth posting, or is everyone too busy to comment? I think Dad is getting discouraged. Anyway, I'm enjoying seeing them.


  1. I don't always comment, but I love seeing the pictures. I know my family does too.

  2. I look at the blog nearly every day and I know Susan does too. We really appreciated the posted picturs of Steven's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. I had planned to post some, but dad beat me to it. I think everyone enjoys seeing them. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of contributing much. I worked until 9 at the office twice this week and at home this evening until 10. I wish I had more time to contribute. But please don't give up. It's fun to see the stuff that gets posted.

  3. We love seeing the photos...just don't always take the time to comment...keep em'comin!!

  4. I always look and rarely comment--ask my kids. Sometimes I call them to tell them I read their blogs but didn't comment--face it--I'm a slacker.

  5. Hey frandma and frandpa I read the Blood family blog daily and the curmudgeonly professor keeps me posted on the unrivaled beauty of Utah with the great photographs. Anywho keep them coming!!

    -tyler lars