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Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Week's Report

Well, the big news this week is that Stacey and David returned in one piece from their trip to Guatemala. See Stacey's blog at for photos and info. Sounds like they had quite a trip. Susan gave Pa a run in the contest for worst cold this week. She finally surrendered on Wednesday when we took her to the Doc and got her some drugs to make her all better. Ma and Pa joined us for free hot dog cuisine on Pioneer Day. Somehow I did something to get noticed while snoozing in the weekly high priest meetings and ended the week as the newest High Councilor in the Riverton South Stake. They told me they'll be direct depositing my paycheck. So much for the leisurely Sunday Mornings reading the paper and eating cold cereal. We're planning a trip to northern California to see the country and mostly the giant redwoods on the coast. Should be fun. Hopefully we won't go broke buying gas along the way. We haven't had any kind of a real vacation ('cept fer the family reunion) since the cruise nearly three years ago. Lori and Chad close on their new home this week. We're glad they hired a professional mover. My back aches just thinking about it. Too hot for my comfort these days. Thank heaven we weren't pioneers.


  1. Life sounds busy--as usual. Please let us know when you're coming to the Left Coast. We'd love to see you if you're in the neighborhood!

  2. So now you get to be a dry councilman, huh? Way to go Dad!

  3. Thanks for the news on your post. We didn't know you were planning a trip - when will you go. Sounds like fun. I enjoyed Stacey's report on the trip.