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Monday, July 21, 2008

Grilled peaches...yummo!!!

Who knew that grilling peaches could be so easy and so yummy!!! ( I say that, but really I had nothing to do with it except the eating part...Tom did the grilling!!) Anyway...he cut and pitted them and sprinkled sugar on the cut side and let sit for awhile to bring the juices out...then onto the grill cut side down until they soften. We just put whipped cream on top and ate them with the skin on. (Ice cream of course would be extra tasty on top!!) So...there ya have it...your recipe for the day. Enjoy!!!(that was for your benefit, Dad)


  1. Sounds really good and I liked the picture. We'll have to try it sometime. Guess your invitation is working for the time being.

  2. okay ray ray....send me some of them peaches you crazy woman