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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Graves of William Y. Black and Jane Johnston Black in the Rockville Cemetery, Rockville UT

Rockville Cemetery, just outside Zion National Park in southern Utah in the town of Rockville.  Burial place for  William Y. Black and Jane Johnston Black, a ancestors of importance for all descendants of Dwight and Velna (Black) Blood. (More information will be added soon).
Velna (Black Blood) by gravestone of William V. and Jane Johnston Black
Landscaping in Rockville Cemetery
Rockville Cemetery in Rockville Utah.  I have been carrying on a conversation for years with one of my BYU colleagues who is from Rockville over the beautification plans for the Rockville Cemetery.  But apparently it is beautiful enough, in its own way.  Does this cemetery look like something out of a John Wayne western, or what?


  1. Bob and I are very excited so see these photos because this is where Velna and Bob have common lineage. ie. William and Jane Johnston Black. Bob's line continues through their son, Joseph Smith Black. Thank you!

  2. We searched for this cemetary 2 years ago in and around Rockville. Only found a little cemetary on eastern edged of town. Where is it located? My lineage is also thru Joseph Smith Black...His son Daniel J is my grandfather. Thanks for the great pictures.

  3. It's wonderful that you have this blog to connect your family. I am the great granddaughter of Susan Black, the daughter of George Black (JR) who is the son of George Black, son of Jane and William. My children are joining my husband and I in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, we are hoping to find this cemetary on one of our day tours.

    Thanks so much,
    Robin (

  4. I am a Young but my grandmother (Louie Valeria)is a daughter of Joseph Smith Black, Mother is Louisa Jane Stocks. I am hoping to get down there this spring

    Jeffrey Young

  5. I visited the cemetary last Saturday. Very impressive setting with massive red cliffs north of the cemetary. Does anyone know the history behind William and Jane discovering Zion canyon? Is Black's Canyon in Springdale (where the Tanner amphitheater is located) named after William and Jane?

    Steve Black

  6. I understand that Black's Canyon was named after Joseph Smith Black, who is credited with discovering it, and who lived at the mouth of the canyon.

  7. im related paternally, its a really cool place

    P.S. Zion Nat'l park was originally called "Joseph's landing" after JSB