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Friday, May 2, 2008

Carly Nielson graduates from BYU with a Master of Public Administration Degree

Carly Nielson, newly graduated Master of Public Administratioin

The great and spacious building, the Marriott School of Management. I spent 18 years in this building, six in the corner office on the sixth floor (second from top) and the rest halfway down the hall with the best view of Mt. Timpanogos in the building.
Carly and Professor Gary Cornia, Director of the Romney Institute for Public Management, who promised Carly an A if I would show up for commencement.
Professor Cornia was partially responsible for perpetrating a source of an evil smell
in my office when I was at BYU, and warned me that a professor in an eastern college had died from the same smell.  He looks so dignified here but I know better.
Carly and Daniel Nielson