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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

Top ten reasons why we all love you!!!
10. You wore "sweet" sunglasses in your younger years, and in the words of Courtney's friend who saw your picture in your Easter suit..."she's gorgeous."
9. You always made us breakfast and dinner growing up...a strange phenomenon. I remember folding newspapers, while you were already up and making breakfast. Amazing!!!
8. You made scones from the home made bread dough, which we ate hot with butter and jam or yummy!!! (Not to mention the fact that it was amazing that you made bread)
7. You hated to sew and made no apologies for it...I'm right there with you...besides it usually costs more to make it yourself, nevermind the frustration.
6. You were a "stay-at-home" mom who always made your family the priority, but at the same time taught us that education was important as you finished your college, while managing 5 young children, husband and home. I was always amazed that you continually had something else going How did you juggle it all??
5. You are a GREAT Grandma. My kids still remember the "powty" and how you made simple things seem so special. They love visiting you now, and especially for the BYU's great to know Grandma (and Grandpa...but we'll save that for Father's Day) is nearby.
4. You are hilarious and don't even know it...that's the best part.
3. You say "ohhhh"!
2. You started the family reunions, and kept them going, without which many of us would rarely see each other.
1. You are supportive, encouraging, and always willing to lend a listening ear. You always want to hear what's going on in our lives and want to know what our kids are up to. You are loving and totally devoted to your family. You were a great Mom to all of us growing up, and continue to be a great Mom to us even though we are "all growed up", we will always need our Mom.
We love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day


  1. That was a really nice top 10 reasons that you put on the blog. However, I'm not sure I deserved that much credit. Thanks for the pictures and the sentiment. Mom

  2. I concur with everything Carolyn said but she did leave one thing out...the cinnamon rolls that you made along with the home made bread. They were amazing!