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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beaten Into Submission

Since mom has threatened me with the board if I don't post something, and not wanting to be victimized again by that awful tool of torture and punishment, I find myself on the verge of making my first post on this here blog.

Let's see -- What family news is there. Steven passed his Eagle board of review last week and should receive the award sometime this summer. He's currently working at the new Wal-Mart just a few blocks from the house unloading semi trucks full of cheap crud to stock the shelves. He'll be working in the guns and knives division, which he thinks is really cool. He's going to attend Utah Valley U this coming fall.

Lori is due with her baby on May 17th or thereabouts. When the doctor told her today she wasn't progressing enough to be induced, she had to hold back the tears. She's more than ready to birth this baby. They plan to name her Melody. Last week when Lori brought Ella over to visit, as soon as she came in the front door she asked where grandpa was. When Susan told Ella I was gone, Ella's response was "oh crap!" We get a big kick out of her.

I went to Indianapolis last week for a couple of days of continuing legal education on estate planning related stuff. We enjoyed a concert Thursday night by the Wright Brothers Band. (The band was the one in the bar in the movie Overboard.) I was supposed to speak on Friday at one of the sessions, but I woke up Friday morning with no voice whatsoever. Best I could do was whisper, which my co-presenter accused me of doing intentionally. Am still struggling to get the rest of the voice back. Those around me have appreciated not having to hear much out of me for a few days.

Well -- that's about it for now. I hope that gets me off the hook, mom. Have a nice day. :)

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  1. Good job, Russ! See, you do have some news to pass along to the family. Keep it up.