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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mother's Day

Even though I'm not sure of the world of blog, mostly because I'm quite sure the world isn't ready for my thoughts . . . here goes.
For most of my "Mother's Day" life - you know, the Mother's Days where it counted when I attempted to "mother" someone littler than myself - I have resented Mother's Day. Actually, it swings from resentment to dread. I resent having to decide when or how I'll honor my mother or be honored by my children by a date on a calendar.
The best non-guilt times were when the children were in grade school and did projects and brought them home to surprise me but couldn't wait, so I got them on Friday afternoon. No pressure - just like Valentine's Day in grade school - everybody gave their mom the same thing and it was great.
So to any women of any age reading this - and I say women since many great "moms" never have had children - here's a real Mother's Day, and not just a Sunday in May. Mother's Day is:
  • every day you get a hug from anyone
  • every day you sit in Carl's Jr. laughing with your daughters while screaming or giggling children visit the table wanting booboos kissed or Chicken Stars
  • hearing grandchildren outside the door calling "Grandma!" so you can open the door to let them in
  • reading your daughter's musings about being a mother and remembering . . .
  • having your teenage/adult son spontaneously hug you and tell you he loves you
  • having your husband and help with the dishes without being asked
  • laughing with your sister about everything, or going to lunch or shopping - you never know who you're mothering (or being mothered by!)

I hereby declare any day and every day Mother's Day and I want to tell my daughters, nieces, in-laws, outlaws, etc., since we're all trying our hardest, you're doing great - keep up the good work - and don't beat yourself up any more.


  1. Amen!! I have found Mother's Day to be a frustrating holiday. But Michael has been patiently waiting for Mother's Day and making me cards for a week now, and that's what it is all about! Thanks mom!

  2. Thanks for your blog on Mother's Day. I agree completely. However, the young children will still be eager to make cards and do special things for their moms. So, like Stacey says, that's what it is all about.