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Monday, January 5, 2009

Top 5

As per request, here are the
Top 5 Things I Learned After My 1st Semester of MBA School:

1. Grades don't matter! No employer is ever going to care about my GPA, so long as I have "MBA from BYU" stamped after my name. As my friend Devin says, "Take a knee and take a B."
2. I'm still not actually qualified to do anything.
3. Connections will get you farther than any GMAT score ever will.
4. MBA's in general are ridiculous over-achievers who need to have more fun.
5. I don't like wearing business suits. I would still rather wear my Brazilian flip flops, flared jeans, and t-shirt every day. Apparently I haven't actually grown up yet. Go figure.


  1. Did you write this during your operations class? Kind of like you do everything else during that class!

  2. Hey Michelle, great scholarly analysis. Sums up my perennial views. As an antidote, take economics. Become an economics professor. No one will ever know what you are talking about but it will change your life for the better. Are you going to circulate your analysis on the bulletin board of the MBA office? You can dress like a slob if you become a professor. Think about it. Besides, you don't have to take any sass.