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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Family Vocabulary Lesson

Several  unique words are essential for basic communication with one another in our family.  Among these words are the following:
  • extrusionate: meaning, to extrude.
  • orientate:  meaning, to orientate.
  • lurt: meaning, as in a-lurt, where lurt is a rare avian species that goes around looking sleepy.
  • marginal costs must equal marginal revenue:  meaning, or else.  All-purpose solution to all problems.
  • road trip:  borrowed from Animal House, meaning trip to 7-11 for soda and goodies.  Usually late at night.
  • keeper cup: quality soda cups costing extra which are worth keeping for their special visual effects as opposed to throwaway cheapo plastic cups.
  • moron:  any other driver on highway who tailgates, cuts off, looks offensive, drives unacceptable-type vehicle, or otherwise should be pulled over by highway patrol and given ticket for just being on highway.
  • quality time:  time spent together with spouse and family after 11:30 at night after Leno and Letterman when people think it's time to go to bed.
  • Jerk: meaning moron.  See above.
  • WalMart: meaning, punishment for bad behavior.  As in, "let's go to WalMart."
This list is incomplete and will require the assistance of my extensive multi-level downline of descendants and heirs to my economics book library for further elaboration and completion.  


  1. How did egregious get left off of this list?

  2. I agree with Courtney! And that was an egregious oversight by the original poster!!

  3. It is also important to get the correct pronunciations; e.g, moron is also often pronounced mo-ron. Mercy.