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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jim's 50th birthday!

Happy 50th birthday to Jim - Where can 50 years have gone! I was only 25 when you were born, and now you are twice that age - and I wish I was back to 50. Anyway, we are thinking about your birth in Fort Collins and that we were thrilled to have another boy to add to the other two - just to keep life interesting and not boring. Russ and Ron were happy to have a baby brother and it was a good and busy time for all of us. You have accomplished a lot during your life - several degrees - a wonderful wife and four beautiful, or handsome, children. Beihg a Bishop was a great and growing experience for you and I know you are a better man because of it. You have provided a good living for your family - with the managing abilities of Sharman - and have persevered through times when you would have liked to do other things. We are proud of all you do and are and hope this is a happy day for you. Love you very much. Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday Jimmy! Wow, 50 is old, but I like it!

  2. We hope you have an awesome 50th! What an accomplishment!

  3. Thanks, Mom and Pop and all. It's pretty dang exciting to join the club. And by the way, it was great fun poking holes in the dashboard. It was kind of like popping bubble wrap. I'm sure I felt guilty about it at the time, but I think I got over it quickly.

  4. By the way, that was actually me, Jim, commenting in the prior message.