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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Addendum to Family Vocabulary Lesson Number 1

Thanks to my astute granddaughters we can update the family vocabulary lesson with four significant additions:
  • egregious.  Meaning, anything one doesn't like, anything that is rotten, unbecoming, obnoxious, or whatever.  In short, anything that is egregious.  One of the first words I taught my granddaughters.  I'm not sure it was a good idea since I've never heard the last of it.  Not an original word.  Just a well-traveled one.
  • PU.  Short for parental unit, as substitute for mom and dad or ma and pa.  Also short for patriarchal unit, meaning father.  
  • MU.  Short for matriarchal unit, or mother.
  • GPU.  Short for grand patriarchal unit, or grandpa.
  • GPU.  Short for grand matriarchal unit, or grandma.
  • Cogniziant.  Meaning, I am not, or was not, cogniziant of this factoid.
I know there are other significant vocabulary additions out there, so I need your continued help and support in completing this vocabulary lesson so we can pass it all down to succeeding generations to improve their literacy and sophistication.

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