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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our West Coast Vacation

We just returned form our weeklong vacation to the west coast. We had a great time (other than one really rainy day) traveling up the Coast from Eureka, California to a little past Newport, Oregon. We got to see the giant redwoods in northern California, tour a couple of lighthouses in Oregon, saw whales at Depoe Bay, seals at the Yaquina Head tide pools, deserted beaches at The Lost Coast south of Eureka and north of Brooking Harbor, and lots more in between. And we ate some great seafood along the way. We really loved the Oregon coast and plan to look for a condo to rent in a coming summer where we can just hang out and take a little more leisurely time to enjoy the beaches and the scenery. It really was spectacular. (Note to blog experts: If you can tell me how to label the individual pictures, I'll label them so you'll know what they were pictures of.)


  1. These pictures are great. I'm glad you posted some so we can see where ya'll have been. I am also fully prepared to stow away when you rent the cabin. Consider yourselves forwarned. :) I'm glad you guys are back!

  2. Glad to see you are back and that you had a good time. You did indeed see the redwoods! Looks like a fun trip.