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Monday, August 25, 2008

Family History in the Making

We often tend to think of family history as the events of yesteryear, of people and places and times from years gone by.  But then I got to thinking about all the history being made by so many people in our family and how important these events are to all of us.  Jake just back from his mission to San Antonio, barely in time to see brother Caleb for a few fleeting hours before Caleb leaves for Detroit for his two-year stint there.  Megan beginning her dual role as wife and eighth-grade English teacher. New husband Allan filming spots for the BYU football games.  Michelle back from her tour of the east following her year as a real-estate appraiser, in turn following her college degree in psychology, now entering the BYU MBA program this fall.  Jake and Monica and Courtney back in school at BYU.  Stephen starting school at Utah Valley U. Amanda back at Weber State.  Tyler in school at Blinn (spelling?) in College Station, TX.  Daniel ready for another year of BYU women's basketball.  Carly, with her new Master of Public Administration degree,  sifting job possibilities.  Lori and Chad with a new baby and a new house.  Stacey whose appliances and garage door all stop working on schedule while her five kids provide daily blog material.  Melanie and Nat and Kate and Hayden and Aaron and Whitney all back in school.  Cliff about to retire from the Air Force.  Sharman running her Excel spread sheets to perfection to run the Blood household, with a laundry basket under one arm and the car keys in the other hand. Tom continuing to convert the nation to toll roads, which may happen sooner rather than later since gas taxes are drying up.  Kim running her day care with proficiency and great skill.  Susan is the only family member who knows how to run the TiVo.

Carolyn a brand new Relief Society President.  Ron a recently new Ward clerk in a BYU student ward.  Russell a new high council member.  Jim continuing to teach seminary.  Lani persisting in taking courses, fearful of flunking each one, wailing and moaning, then getting straight A's.  She'll soon get her degree.  Grandpa and Grandma have no idea how many houses they own or even in which house they currently reside. After a moment of unavoidable rudeness this morning, I asked Grandma if she was going to kick me out.  She said, no, I can't afford to hire a housekeeper to replace you. Imagine. 

As we think about each of our children and their families, we think about the family and personal history each of you is writing each day with your actions and accomplishments.  We hope everyone has a great school year, that you learn lots of multi-syllabic words, that you study hard, and that, in between, you enjoy life as you get ready for the long family years that are ahead of you.  You have so much talent and so much ability and you can use these talents and abilities to accomplish so much and help so many other people along the way.  Well, I don't usually preach much, but, as my mother used to say, "for heaven's sake just mind your p's and q's."  We didn't have to ask what p's and q's were.  We knew.  And we knew we darn well better mind them and live up to expectations.


  1. Why was the "moment of rudeness" unavoidable?? Thanks for the vote of is amazing what everyone is up to.

  2. Very nice perspective on things! It just shows that everyone is busy keeping up with life! Hope everyone has a great school year. Thanks for the nice comments!

  3. Nice job on the summary of 3+ generations of Bloods. You know, Dwight, without you NONE of this would have been possible. Commander-in-Chief? Most certainly.