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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Has it been two years since we Sent Jake off to the TX San Antonio Mission?

Has it really been two years since Caleb's brother Jake was standing in the exact same place in our home after feeding him blueberry pancakes on his way to the MTC?  The two brothers were able to meet just briefly in Texas, by special dispensation of Jake's mission president, so that four years would not elapse without them seeing each other.  Now Jake is soon headed home and back to BYU where, hopefully, he can readjust to regular life with girls, something besides tacos and burritos to eat, tailgate parties, and BYU football.  We'll all miss Caleb, and we will welcome back Jake.  Someone did something right to produce these two outstanding young men.

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  1. I'm thinking that Patriarch Dwight & Matriarch Velna can take a LOT of credit. :) And thanks for the yummy pancake breakfast!--Sharman from D&V's Mac