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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jim and Carolyn in Ann Arbor, 1962

Jim called today to tell us Caleb has been assigned to Ann Arbor Michigan, where his apartment is two blocks east of the UM campus.  This news brings many pangs of nostalgia and reflection about the day 52 years ago when Velna and I and Russell and three-weeks old Ronald arrived in Ann Arbor, with no place to live, practically no money, and the faith and hope that we could work things out and get through a Ph.D. program in economics.  We are happy for Caleb for this assignment and it gives Velna and me a great sense of satisfaction to know that our grandson is there on the same ground we were on a half century ago.  What an exciting moment.


  1. So exciting for Caleb!!! Oh...and aren't we precious?

  2. I sure remember when you went to Ann Arbor.... It was like you had gone to another country as no family memeber had ever gone that far away from Wyoming.
    How nice to have a wonderful grandson missionary retrace your steps.