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Friday, August 29, 2008

Jake Stops By on his Way to BYU

I was forced to include this photo.  I've decided to run for President.
Our returned missionary, Jake with his Texas cowboy hat


  1. Welcome to Utah Jake! I'm glad almost everyone comes here for school because then we get to see family much more often.

    Grandpa, I love the picture. The cowboy hat is awesome and now we get a good picture of the famed suspenders.

  2. Run for President? Maybe, maybe not. Love the hat and the suspenders, but think you might benefit from a larger size (hat). Perhaps all that learning and brain cogitation has made your head larger than life? We love sharing your family BYU game pictures. The Logan paper (Utah State) headline for the BYU game was "Cougars Struggle to Victory". So they made mistakes! 41-17 doesn't sound exactly like a struggle - perhaps a 3rd quarter stall, but that was only temporary.