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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our First Home for our First Year in Fort Collins 1953-54

Our first home the first year we were at Colorado A & M, a one bedroom apartment at 201 Stuart Street.  One of the window shades had fallen off when we were moving the next summer and the landlady told Jack Davidson, who had also come to Colorado A & M, that these were the worst tenants she had ever had.  Whereupon, Jack informed her that these people were his friends and they had told him that she was the worst landlady they had ever had.  We bought our first table and chairs, couch, and traded our '48 Chev for a 1953 Ford, which seemed like a limousine.  I spent most nights at the kitchen table copying stuff out of textbooks for the next days "lecture", since I was assigned two classes of about 80 students each the first weekend I arrived in Fort Collins.  I was 21 years old when classes started, turning 22 September 17.   Most of my classes were anywhere from two or three to seven or eight years older than I was, and many were Korean War veterans.  Russell, of course, was with us that winter.  So thus our academic life began.

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  1. Mom and I drove by this house when we went to Colorado last year! It looks pretty much the same...