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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Annual Mule Days Parade in Ralston WY

I wanted everyone to be informed about the annual Mule Days Parade in Ralston where they actually close off one lane of the highway for about two or three blocks to hold the mule parade.  This parade is a big deal, the biggest thing that has happened to Ralston since we lived there 1941-44.  Since many of you know I have long expressed a wish to retire, ultimately to a villa in Ralston, I thought you would be interested in reading the story at this link.


  1. So the obvious question is...why aren't we having the family reunion in Ralston??!!!

  2. Answer: the mule days parade, the mule auction, and the mule rodeo took up all the available facilities in town.

  3. So this is the famous "Running of the Mules" event that everyone talks about. I heard that the mules do in a couple of people each year. Does Tom have a mule outfit? I'm interested in the 'pickin and grinnin' music that the article refers to.

  4. I feel that my readers have definitely disrespected Ralston Mule Days. Don't you realize this event is the most significant happening in Ralston since the Ralston Lumber Company burned down and Jimmy Dunton's gas station and beer stop disappeared? Come on now.