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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jane Johnston Black Autobiography and Biography: Early Latter-day Saints Database

Here is a short piece that includes a little about Jane Black and family in her own words. Among the interesting stories are these snippets:

"In 1844] Following the martyrdom at Carthage, President Taylor, who had been seriously wounded, would not permit a doctor to see him until Jane Black arrived after the bullets were removed from his body. Mrs. Black asked him later why he had sent for her. He said, "Because I knew there was none better at such a job, and wanted you to stand at the morning of the resurrection and testify to the Lord against the assassins who murdered the Prophet and his brother Hyrum."

"We then moved to Nauvoo again and remained there until the Saints were driven from there. My husband being in Canada at the time. I went with the Saints to Montrose[Iowa across the Mississippi from Nauvoo]. Before crossing the Mississippi River. A posse of the mob rode up and surrounded our wagons and demanded we give up our fire arms. I had a pistol in my bosom and I drew it out and told them 'Here is my pistol, but I will use it before I give it up.' They did not take it from me but threatened to throw me in the river that night. I borrowed a tent from Brother Johnston and had women that were being delivered at childbirth put in it. . I was the mid-wife, and delivered nine babies that night."

Jane Johnston Black Autobiography and Biography: Early Latter-day Saints Database

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  1. Jim - Thanks for adding to the story about Jane Johnston Black. I think this would be a good place to put additional information about our ancestors. Daniel said he enjoyed reading about Jane. I'm going to put the info that connects me to Jane and William.