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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Dad!!!

Top 10 reasons why we love Dad...(following in the Mother's/Father's Day Tradition)

10. Because you went "Blog" crazy, and now we all get to keep up on the scoop.

9. You take all kinds of great photos of everyone(which we complain about, but enjoy later)...unfortunately, it means you aren't in many of them, which means at the family reunion, you are getting in the photos!!!

8. You love to hate the Lakers!!

7. You love to hate the Utes!!!

6. Everynight before Mom goes to bed, you say "you're going to bed already...why don't you spend a little quality time with me?"

5. You go along with asking Mom to get us shakes from Artic Circle at about 10pm...has she ever acquired said shakes...I think not!!

4. You are a great Grandpa...all the kids love to be entertained by Grandpa, and enjoy repeating an occasional word or two.

3. You worked hard in our growing-up years to make sure we were well taken care every way...and now that we have and are still raising families ourselves, we can truly appreciate all the hard work and occasional heartache that goes in to raising a family. Thank you for that!!!

2. You've given us all a lot to enjoy and to pass down in the thousands of photos that you spent hundreds of hours scanning, so that they would be preserved...not to mention all your writings that help preserve our heritage.

1. You're a great Dad, who we all love being around and sharing a laugh or political discussion, or getting the scoop on the latest episode of Matlock.

We love you!!!


  1. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. You did manage to find one of the most ridiculous photos of all time. But the sentiment is warmly appreciated even if a tad undeserved. Fortunately, you left the stuff out that shouldn't be mentioned. My kids and my family are my life. Love, Pa, Gpa

  2. I think the word is "egregious." OR a string of words like..."when's the kew-zeen gonna be served up?!" Nevertheless, it's all good and all true. (At least, that's what Jimmy says.)