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Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Velna 2010

May 24 2010.  The weather started off with snow and fog on what was supposed to be a spring day.
By 11:30, the sun is shining, but I don't trust Mother Nature.
Blondie Velna among the lilacs by the front porch at 615 Flint St. in Laramie.
She has always been the cute little blonde with the lilacs in her hand.
Happy Birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Velna! Each one becomes more prized. The little blonde girl in the picture could not have caused anybody any trouble. Very cute.

  2. Happy Birthday Velna! I am glad you got to smell the lilacs when you were at my house because today the snow has finished them off for this season. I hope you had a good day.

  3. And, Happy Belated Birthday! Love the pictures. Lilacs blooming in Preston are quite a way off. Come up, and we'll enjoy them together. Hope your day was special. Love, Elizabeth

  4. Happy Birthday Grandma! I hope it was a wonderful day!