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Monday, May 31, 2010

Cherished Memories on Memorial Day 2010

Dear Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa, We're all sorry we can't be there on this Memorial Day with armloads of purple iris and lilacs to pay tribute to your resting place in person, but we all live too far away and we each are getting closer to the end of our own earthly existence.  But we can each tell you that not a day goes by that we don't think about you, and miss you, and have questions to ask you, because, especially you, Mom, were so darn stingy with information that we wanted to know and still want to know.  We are all continually amazed as we gain new insights each year about the magnitude of the sacrifices you made and the perseverance you unwaveringly pursued to bless each of us and make our lives possible and to endow us with the qualities that we each possess.  We owe you more than we can ever repay.  Though we can't be there today, we are all sentimental cry babies and cherish all of the sights and sounds and voices and winter snows and summer flowers and hayfields and admonishments to go to bed at 8:30 even when we were 30 years old.  We thank Burchell and Ruby for bringing flowers to your graves each Memorial Day, as close as we can get to being there ourselves.  But we can tell you that we six Blood kids that you left behind have stuck together and loved and supported one another through all of these years, united in our devotion to each other and to our parents and grandparents.  See you next year.  Love, Louise, Dwight, Elizabeth, Judy, Ann, and Steve


  1. You say it all for us. Thank you for being so eloquent in saying what we all feel. This made me a little weepy. Familiar sights and memories are evocative of a past that is not forgotten by the six of us.

  2. Beautiful sentiments, beautifully written. Thank you for putting into words so well the thoughts that each one of us have. It made me weepy, too. And the pictures of familiar places brings us "back home" And, Steve, even though you are not in the picture with the rest of us, I'm sure you were in our thoughts that day. We need to do a little Photo shop magic and put you in it.

  3. Sweet thoughts of people who will always be a keystone of our lives. Thank you for the clue-in on Penrose Mornings. It would have been sad to have missed this one.

  4. Okay, I can write now. I read this initially with Dwight dangling on the phone. I don't advise that, because he witnessed the impact of his words. They not only cause events to be revisited, but also emotions. Hence a very wet face and snuffily nose. But it all feels so good.