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Monday, November 3, 2008

More Chili Football Party Photos

Some asked for the chili recipe.  Everyone has a dozen chili recipes, but I've used this one for 20 years and it works well every time, mostly.  We tripled the recipe for the party, acquiring a one gallon can of crushed tomatoes at WalMart for not much more than 3 bucks.  We usually cut the chili powder in half so kids and those who can't tolerate the heat can still eat it, and put just a smidgen of cayenne in it.  We usually throw in some oregano and a bit of brown sugar.  The time the recipe didn't work well was when I mistook cayenne for chili powder and put in three tablespoons of the hot stuff.  Didn't work.

The two bottom photos attest to how thrilled and excited the BYU sports fans were when it looked most of the game like BYU was going to lose.  Who knew that in the last minute and 20 seconds BYU would march down the field and make a touchdown with a second or two to spare, and win by 2 points.  To think, that some of us had thought we would drive over to Fort Collins for the game.

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