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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Whit and the gang finished their season last night after five rounds of playoffs in the "elite eight" of the state!!! It's been so much fun to watch the girls all these years, and bittersweet that it's all over.


  1. What cute and outstanding girls and athletes. We're so glad we got to see Whit play in Vegas a couple of times and wish we could have been around to see her more. Congratulations to all, and to Carolyn for giving so much of her time for such a great cause.

  2. Congratulations to Whitney and her team. They really excelled to make it to the "elite eight". This is the end of an era for Carolyn - no more games to go to - no more PTA assignments - no more children in the public schools (after May). Life hurries on!