Welcome to the Dwight and Velna Blood Family Blog

The purpose of the Dwight and Velna Blood family blog is to provide a gathering place to collect family history, photos, family news, memorabilia, and whatever else we can think of.  Let's all see where we can take it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Help Me Resurrect Our Family Blog

As you can see, nothing has been posted on this blog since Feb 2011.  I hope we can get it going again. I know the younger generation is enamored with facebook and posts everything there.  However, I'd like to ask you to stick a photo or two or some comments or a family story or a travelogue or a scripture or a wise saying on here once in awhile so we can revitalize this blog.  There are many advantages to a family blog.  One is that the photos don't vanish quickly and we have a permanent record.  The other is that a lot of people won't read facebook over the age of 15 and having a family gathering place to let each other know how each of us is doing is a useful and important thing to do.  So, please help me out here and use your imagination to see if we can't make this blog a meaningful piece of our family lore and history.  Thank you. DMB