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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Retirement Ceremony and Awards for MSGT Clifford M. Hamon

Master Sergeant Clifford M. Hamon retired from the 21 years of meritorious service with the United States Air Force on August 26 2008.  When a young airman first showed up at our house two decades ago who wanted to marry our daughter, we weren't sure either one of them knew what they were doing.  An airman isn't exactly rich.  But after these years of sacrifice, outstanding service, and perseverance, Cliff and Kim have raised an outstanding family and earned the respect and admiration of his
Air Force family for an outstanding career, excelling in every assignment that he was given.  I don't think many of us appreciate just how much sacrifice and discipline it takes to be a military family.  All of the months and months of separation and struggles to survive, all of the lonely deployments, the difficult living circumstances, all of the usual risks of military assignments and military life were part of being an Air Force military man and a military wife with three children.

Now that those 21 years of service have gone by so quickly, we honor Cliff and Kim for their success throughout all of these years.  We honor Cliff for being the best of what he was expected to do.  Please read down the list of his assignments, major awards, and decorations.  His award of the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Star is one of the capstone recognitions of his faithful and outstanding service.  We honor Kim for her years of having a stiff backbone and an uncomplaining disposition.
We honor Aaron, Amanda, and Hayden as Air Force kids who grew up with exemplary standards and ideals.  The entire extended Blood family sends our congratulations and appreciation to Cliff and his family for the contributions and sacrifices you have made to the military service, to our country, and to our family.  We send our love and every good wish as you make the transition to civilian life.

Captain Emil Daily served with Cliff overseas and
as a close and respected friend made the trip from
his current assignment in Mountain Home ID to Hill
AFB to honor Cliff on his retirement.

Cliff received a boatload of commendations and letters,
including one from the Commander-in-Chief.

Kim was honored for 18 years of day care
service for Air Force families.  Cliff is telling
her he should have bought more flowers for
her over the years.


  1. Thank you dad for the very kind comments and pictures. We were so glad that you and mom were there and joined us for dinner afterwards along with Ron and Lani. Thanks again! Love, Cliff and Kim

  2. Congratulations Cliff and Kim. I'm sorry I couldn't be there. It sounds like it was a great event. We are all very proud of you and the service you have rendered. Way to go! Jim, Sharman, and family.

  3. Congratulations Cliff and Kim!!! We wish we could have been there for the big day! What a great accomplishment! Love,Carolyn, Tom and family

  4. Congratulations! What an accomplishement!

  5. Way to go, Cliff! Mom and Dad told us all about the ceremony. It sounds like it was really done and was a good day for you and your family. We'd have come if we hadn't been committed to our San Diego trip. We wish you well opening the next chapter of your life.
    Love, Russ, Susan and family

  6. Cliff Congratulations!! Thank you for serving us and our country. Now you can move on to the real challenges in life...Hayden. I am just kidding. We miss you guys.